The foundation of success

Marhaba to Sudan!

From humble beginnings as a privately owned joint stock company to being recognized in Sudan today as one of the pioneers in civil contracting, we at “Sudan Pile Roads and Bridges” (SPRB) have indeed come a long way. SPRB’s growth over the past two decades coincides with the localization of the civil works in Sudan, most of which was executed by foreign contracting companies earlier. With the economic boom in the late 90’s backed by the increased oil production, meteoric oil prices and a large influx of foreign direct investment, Sudan had witnessed a tremendous development in oil exploration & drilling. The spill over from the oil earnings were used by the government in building roads, dams, irrigation facilities, bridges and other civil works, thereby increasing the demand for local Sudanese contractors. Having started its journey by providing earth-moving equipment to the State Petroleum Corporation (SPC), the increasing work encouraged SPRB to increase its fleet strength and evolve into a renowned piling and construction company. Offering services spanning a wide range of engineering fields in oil & gas, building constructions, roads & bridges and civil infrastructure, SPRB is the preferred choice of many clients because of its reliability and commitment to quality and safety. With diversified, yet distinguished, construction capabilities in the Sudanese market, SPRB has successfully completed several prestigious projects and will continue to participate in large-scale projects. With the long overdue lifting of economic sanctions from Sudan, SPRB’s future challenge in this promising yet dynamic market is to take full advantage of its competitiveness and available opportunities Mohamed Salih Ali Chairman

Head Office Level

The Management Organization and Staffing of SPRB is derived from the following fundamentals

The company is involved in diverse civil engineering works-which range from earthmoving to reinforced concrete and steel structures & Road Construction.-The distance between the head office in Khartoum and the sites of contracted works can be in the order of 1000km.- The organization structure of the company caters for the fact that the company is operating at both the head office level as well as the works site level.

The Board of Directors (BOD)

It is constituted of four members and the chairman. The BOD is entrusted with: a-Initiation and formulation of general strategic plans, policies, programs and guidelines for the company.b-Monitoring and following-up the performance of the company.c-Controlling the performance of the company administratively and financially.

The General Manager (GM)

The GM is the chief executive of the company responsible for the effective and efficient utilization of the human, financial and physical resources of the company with the view of realizing the target outputs and profits.He is also responsible for the co-ordination of the daily work of the departments and the projects sites.

The Staff at the Site includes

  • Site manager.
  • Engineers.
  • Security and quality control.
  • Foremen.
  • Accountants, store keepers etc.
  • Machinery maintenance technicians.
  • Machinery operators.
  • Skilled and casual labour.
The site manager operates the works in coordination with the GM and the departments in the head office. The staff in the site report administratively to the site manager and technically to their relevant departments.

Sudan Pile Roads & Bridges

Organization Chart

Sudan Pile Roads & Bridges owns its success to the creativity, dedication and hard work of its approximately 1000 employees. Working together as one large team in which they realize even the most complex engineering projects on schedule with the best economic value. Shown is SPRB organization chart that illustrates the company’s operation