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Founded in Khartoum in 1994, Sudan Pile Roads and Bridges (SPRB) has grown to become one of Sudan’s leading engineering contractors.

Sudan Pile Roads and Bridges specializes in complex and prestigious structural and infrastructural projects. It had proven over the years its capabilities in delivering highly standard projects with its qualified and dedicated teams, innovative solutions and management expertise.

SPRB started its contracting activities in the area of pile testing, foundation design and construction. Activities have then expanded to include earth moving contracts, water well drilling, roads & bridges construction, reinforced concrete & steel structure buildings, foundations for power transmission towers and skyscrapers.

During the past decades, SPRB had built a large fleet consisted of equipment used for earth moving, road construction, piling, soil investigation and water drilling. Longstanding relationships with our clients have played a significant role in providing outstanding contracting services to companies and government agencies across the Republic of Sudan. With our continued commitment to development and change, we look forward to the future and all the challenges and opportunities that it will offer.

_ Shown is Sudan Pile Roads & Bridges headquarters located in Khartoum, Sudan.

About Company

What We Do

  • Sudanpile
    Pile foundation

    Design, Test, Build

  • Sudanpile
    Roads & Bridges

    Design, Surface, Maintain

  • Sudanpile
    Field service facilities

    Infrastructure, Surface, Maintain

  • Sudanpile
    Earth moving works

    Test, Construct, Manage

  • Sudanpile
    Airports & Railways

    Build, Surface, Maintain

  • Sudanpile
    Soil Investigation

    Test, Drill, Maintain

  • Sudanpile
    Water wells drilling

    Drill, Upgrade, Maintain

  • Sudanpile
    Water Harvesting

    Design, Build, Maintain

  • Sudanpile
    Construction works related to drainage structures, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures and power transmission lines towers.

    Test, Drill, Maintain

Our Mission, Vision & Values

We build with pride.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to deliver unique services to all our clients while ensuring customer satisfaction and delivery time. Guided by our corporate values and business strategies, we look forward to continuous evolution and growth as we embrace new technologies, innovations and enhance our operations to facilitate an inclusive development of our organization, employees, the industry and national economy.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to become a leading infrastructure and construction company in Africa delivering projects to major clients focusing on Safety, Quality and Cost Efficiency.

  • Values

    Wherever in Sudan it operates, Sudan Pile Roads & Bridges strives to live by its core values of:

    • Excellence
    • Integrity & Performance
    • Teamwork
    • Commitment
    • Sustainability
    • Accountability

The foundation of success

Marhaba to Sudan!
From humble beginnings as a privately owned joint stock company to being recognized in Sudan today as one of the pioneers in civil contracting, we at “Sudan Pile Roads and Bridges” (SPRB) have indeed come a long way.