SPRB owns and operates 245 units of earth moving equipments as shown in table (1). Also SPRB owns piling and soil investigation equipment as shown in table (2), as well as reinforced concrete and building outfit indicated in table (3).
The management of SPRB is adopting a very strict policy regarding the up-keep and replacement of machinery. Down time due to breakdowns is kept to the minimum level through making available maintenance facilities, competent maintenance staff and adequate provision of spare-parts.
Equipment that reach the end of their economic life-time are replaced by latest models. The tables below contain the different types and numbers of the machinery and equipment park of SPRB.

Table (1): Earthmoving & Road Construction Equipment:


Type of Machine

General description

No. of Units

1 Dozer Cat. D6 – D9, Komatsu DISSA Dozer 12
2 Loaders Komatsu and Kowzaki 9
3 Graders Cat and Komatsu 17
4 Excavators Kobilco and CAT 320, Komatsu 27
5 Back Hoe JCB 6
6 Compactors Daynapac-15T 6
7 Roller Vibrator Bomag 7
8 Generator set 25 - 90 KVA 15
9 Mobile w/shop Man Truck 1
10 Dump trucks (16-18 m3) Mitsubishi, and Mercedes 106
11 Tankers Nissan – 3000-5000 gal. 6
12 Vehicles (4WD) Toyota-Isuzu-Mitsubishi 10
13 Water pump Diesel engine 15
14 Low bed (transporter) trailers trailers Man 3
15 Complete set of work shop equipment and tools Set Marini- Italian 4
16 Air compressors   2
17 Asphalt Plant Marini- Italian 1
18 Crusher Plant Sanvic – Swedes 1
19 Mechanic Sieve Collected 5
20 Etnyre Chip Spreader Etnyre 1
21 Etnyre Chip Spreader Dynapac 1
22 Asphalt Rollers (Steel tyre) BOMAQ 1
23 Asphalt Rollers (Steel tyre) BOMAQ 1
24 Crane mounted on truck Tadano – 25 tons, (70 ton) Groove 2 + 2 7
25 Aggregates Screeners Local 5


Table (2): Drilling - Piling and Soil Investigation Equipment:


Type of Machine

Make and Model

Drilling Capacity

No. of Units

1 ADL Piling Rig (Auger) Truck mounted German Make Depth: Up to 30 m.
Diam: Up to 1.5 m.
2 Atlas Copco Drilling Rig Swedish Depth: Up to 30 m.
Diam: Up to 80cm.
3 Soilmec Piling Rig. R10 Crawler Italian Make Depth: Up to 34m.
Diam: Up to 1.2 m.
4 Soilmec Piling Rig R415 Crawler Italian Make Depth: Up to 45m.
Diam: Up to 1.2 m.
5 Soilmec Piling Rig RT312 Crawler Italian Make Depth: Up to 42m.
Diam: Up to 1.2 m
6 Soilmec Piling Rig RTA-S Truck mountedHoe Italian Make Depth: Up to 34m.
Diam: Up to 1.2 m
7 Water Well Drilling Rigs Italian Make Depth: Up to 2500 feet

8 FAP Soil Investigation Rig. USA make Depth: Up to 13m.
Diam: Up to 1.0 m
9 Texoma Piling Rig (Auger) USA make Depth: up to 500m. 1
10 Bomag Water Well Rig (rotary) German Make Depth: Up to 35m.
Diam: Up to 25 cm
11 Atlas Copco Soil Investigation Rig Swedish Make 40 Ton 1
12 ICE Vibratory Hammer Dutch Make 50 Ton. 1
13 IHI Pile Driver Japanese Make   1
14 BSP Hydraulic Piling Hammer British Make (Hammer weight 3,5,7 Tons) 1
15 Diesel Hammer British Make 3 Ton 1
16 Diesel Hammer Japan 5 Ton 1
17 Link Belt Crawler 4 ST Nisha 45 Ton 1
18 Link Belt Crawler Crane 50 Tons British Make 50 Ton 1


Table (3):Pile & Concrete Testing Equipment


No. of Units

Pile Dynamic Analyses (PDA) 2
Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) 2
Hydraulic Jack 50 Ton 10
Hydraulic Jack 100 Ton 2
Hydraulic Jack 150 Ton 1
Hydraulic Jack 500 Ton 1
Hydraulic Jack 750 Ton 1
Hydraulic Jack 1000 Ton 1
Concrete Crushing Machine 4
Concrete Moulds 100
Slump Cone 5
Other Related Testing Equipment Sum

Table (4): Reinforced Concrete and Building Equipment


Type of Machine

No. of Units

1 Sila concrete mixers 16
2 Transit mixers (Samsung & Mercedes) 6
3 Electrical Diesel Driver Concrete mixers 18
4 Concrete Pumps (Megbu) & Schwevig 2
5 Shuttering 15,000 m2
6 Scaffolding set 6
7 Tower crane 1
8 Steel Bending Machine 8
9 Steel Cutting Machine 8
10 Carpentry Workshop Equipment 5 SETS
11 Plumbing Workshop Equipment 5 SETS
12 Welding Machine 10
13 Concrete Vibrators 40
14 Plate Compactors 18
15 Water Tanks 12
16 Trimie Pipe 160 meter
17 Soil Testing Equipments (Field) 3 Sets


Table (5): Water Drilling Equipment


Type of Machine

No. of Units

1 Drilling Rig - Rotary MR 1000 ft 1
2 Drilling Rig –G25 Rotary Power Head 1500 ft 1
3 Drilling Rig –G38 Rotary Power Head 2000 ft 1
4 Percussion Rig W22 500 ft 1
5 Percussion Rig W22 700 ft 1
6 Percussion Rig W22 1000 ft 1
7 Submersible pump (2 inches) 1
8 Submersible pump (3 inches) 1
9 Crane Hi-up 5 Ton 1





The Management Organization and Staffing of SPRB is derived from the following fundamentals:

-The company is involved in diverse civil engineering works-which range from earthmoving to reinforced concrete and steel structures & Road Construction.
-The distance between the head office in Khartoum and the sites of contracted works can be in the order of 1000km.
- The organization structure of the company caters for the fact that the company is operating at both the head office level as well as the works site level.

Head Office Level:

The Board of Directors (BOD)
It is constituted of four members and the chairman. The BOD is entrusted with:

a-Initiation and formulation of general strategic plans, policies, programs and guidelines for the company.
b-Monitoring and following-up the performance of the company.
c-Controlling the performance of the company administratively and financially.

The General Manager (GM):

The GM is the chief executive of the company responsible for the effective and efficient utilization of the human, financial and physical resources of the company with the view of realizing the target outputs and profits.
He is also responsible for the co-ordination of the daily work of the departments and the projects sites.

The Management Departments:

The company is operated through six main departments, under the GM. Each department has an experienced and well qualified manager. These departments work in very close co-ordination and consultation with the GM – team work.
The organization structure chart shows the departments and the sections of each department.
Currently the number of SPRB employees is 1150 Persons in the head office and works sites levels.

Works Sites Level:

Each works contract, at any site, has an autonomous management organization. The number of personnel at any site depends on the type and volume of work to be executed. Also the time duration required for completion of contracted work has an effect on the number of staff required.

The Staff at the Site includes:

-Site manager.
-Security and quality control.
-Accountants, store keepers etc.
- Machinery maintenance technicians.
- Machinery operators.
-Skilled and casual labour.
The site manager operates the works in coordination with the GM and the departments in the head office. The staff in the site report administratively to the site manager and technically to their relevant departments.

Organization Structure Chart:

The boxes in the chart are just demarcation lines and not physical barriers. The arrows indicate the linkages amongst the departments and the flow of information and actions.

Key Staff of the Company:

The Board of Directors:

i-Mr. Mohmed Salih M. Ahmed Chairman
ii-Mr. Abd ELNasir Abd ElRahman Member and G.M.
iii-Mr. Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Ali Member
iv-Mr. Salih EL Hadi Mohammed Salih "

Senior Technical Staff:

The list below includes names of professional staff who are currently employed by SPRB.







El Fatih Ahmed El Siddeg

Post Graduate Diploma In Civil Engineering.

B.Sc. Civil Eng. (UofSD)

Executive Manager


 El Habib Mohammed Ahmd

Post Graduate Diploma In Civil Engineering (UofSD)

Piling & Soil Investigations Manager


Muawia Khalifa Hamad

B.SC. Civil Engineer (1983), UofK)

M.E. Construction (1989), Roorkee, India

Tendering, Engineering & Planning Manager


Abdulla Abu Sara

B.Sc, civil Eng.(1984) (UofK)

M.Sc. In Building Technology(1995) (UofK)

Projects Manager


Gibreel Zain El Abdeen

Diploma in Petroleum Engineering (1996), Irag

Procurement Manager


Rashid Abbas Mahmoud

B.Sc. Civil Eng. (2003),


Planning Engineer


Izzeldin Gismelseed

B. Sc Mech. Eng. (UofK)


Plant & Machinery Manager


Abd El Mageed Mohd. Ahmed

Diploma Survey Eng. 1978


Chief Surveyor


Amir Ali El Shaikh

 B. Sc. Accounting

Internal Auditor


Nour El din Ajabna

 B. A. Law


Legal Advisor


Guru Raj

 M. Sc. Accounting


Financial Advisor


Salih El hadi

B.Sc. Acc. (UofK)

Chief Acc.


Ameer Ali El Shaikh

B.Sc. Acc. (UofK)

Chief Acc.


Hanafi Yousif Fadl

B.Sc. Arts

Document Controller


Ali El Safi

B.Sc. Administration (UofCA)






  Projects Contracts Undertaken by SPRB

Executed Projects:  

Major projects executed by SPRB since its establishment,are shown in tables (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11) below.
The tables indicate the name of the client, the name of the project, its location, year and duration of execution of
each project. The total value of the projects executed is
USD 184,581,896.00
All projects were executed timely, to specifications and to the satisfaction of the various clients. The annual rate of growth in the volume of work and diversity of projects and clients are indicative of the competence and expanding capabilities of SPRB.