About Us


Sudanese Piling and Contracting Company (SPRB) was established in 1994 as a private joint-stock company. In 1999 SPRB registered a Business name called “Sudan Pile for Roads and Bridges – (SPRB)”. SPRB started its contracting activities in the area of pile testing, pile foundation design and pile construction. In 1995 SPRB signed its first contract for provision of earth moving equipment to State Petroleum Corporation (SPC) at Heglig and Unity oil fields. Provision of earth moving equipment continued with SPC and expanded to include other petroleum corporations like Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC), White Nile Petroleum Operating Company (WNPOC), Petrodar Operating Company (PDOC), and China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Company (CPECC). The increasing volume of work encouraged SPRBto increase its earth moving fleet to the number and variety of machinery as shown under section (4) of this document titled, "Equipment Owned by the Company ".




Along with pile construction and earth moving contracts, SPRB has also developed capabilities in construction of bridges, reinforced concrete structures, buildings, steel structures and foundation for power transmission towers.


Recently SPRB acquired the necessary equipment and employed qualified staff for water well drilling soil investigations jobs, purchasing of Asphalt Plant, Crushing Plant & Mechanical Sieves for Asphalt Concrete Road Construction.




3.2 Objectives of the Company:


As a national company established by professional engineers, the company set for herself the following objectives:




       a- Contribute in the development of the national industry in the field of civil engineering works.




      b- To sustain her leadership in the field of pile and soil investigations through expansion of the present plant and introduction of new technology and equipment.




      c- As a pioneer Sudanese national company, it is targeting the strategic tasks in the field of oil production. This is being achieved through expansion of machinery fleet, employing and retaining competent engineers, technicians and skilled labour, developing management skills and making available the required finance to implement projects.




      d- Customer satisfaction through offering different services at cost effective prices and conduct the business with honesty, integrity and professionalism.




3.3Scope of Work:


The company is actively involved in Six areas of civil engineering contracting, namely:


a-     Pile foundation design, construction&testing.


b-     Earth moving works& Road Construction.


c-     Soil investigations.


d-     Water Well Drilling.


e-     Construction works including bridges and drainage structures, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures and power transmission lines towers.


f-      Field Services Facilities.


Site locations are spread all over Sudan.




3.4 Capital Investment of SPRB


-         Authorized capital,                    USD   1,500,000


-         Actually paid capital                 USD   1,500,000


-         Equipment,                                  USD 14,000,000.